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Some software I’ve been using recently

Flot – Want to build dynamic graphs without using Flash? Flot is ready. It’s lightweight and pretty quick to pick up. I’m using it for a project where people can add and remove as many data series as they wish. Throw in some JSON calls and the results are pretty impressive. Although I can’t show off that project here, take a look at some of the posted examples. It’s based on jQuery and produced by a Danish firm.

MacFUSE and SSHFS – One of the biggest problems I’ve run into with using Macs is that Finder cannot mount FTP and SFTP sites as writable volumes. While you can get clients like CyberDuck that will allow you to do transfers, editing the files for an entire website this way can be tedious. Using MacFUSE and SSHFS together can get around this limitation. SSHFS is still in a very early release and I did run into some stability issues when mounted all day long, but the core functionality is there.

Selenium IDE – Testing and debugging web interfaces has always been a bit of a pain, but Selenium IDE can make the process much, much faster. Open up the IDE, click record, then start filling out forms and clicking on elements. Then you can save your test and reopen it later to run it whenever you wish. I did run into a few issues where Javascript generated DOM elements confused the debugger (might be a timing issue), but overall it is a very powerful and easy to use Firefox extension. You can also use Selenium Core on other browsers. I haven’t tried this, but it appears that you can record the test using the IDE in Firefox, then use that same test with Core with the other browsers. Thanks to Laura Thomson for mentioning this one at the DC PHP Conference this past fall.