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2010 Conference Update

Joomla conference registrations for 2010 are already filling up, are you going? I’m going to be speaking at several of them, so if you want to catch my talk, be sure to make plans to attend.

First, I’ll be at J and Beyond! in Wiesbaden, Germany from May 30th – June 1st. This conference is international in focus; it has already drawn speakers from North America, Europe, and even a remote video presentation from Australia. Check out the proposals and vote on the ones you’re most interested in! Tickets are €99 for the three day event, which is a total steal (even if you have to exchange from another currency ;) ).

Before the end of the week, I’ll be traveling someplace a little closer to home: Vermont. Registrations for Joomla! Day New England (June 5th) just kicked off, so be sure to get your tickets. While I haven’t been to Marlboro, I have been to other places in Vermont and can attest to the state’s natural beauty :) Having met Elin, Mitch, Andy, Jen, and Barrie, I can confirm that this JoomlaDay is one not to miss!

Finally, preparations for the first JoomlaDay DC are underway. We’re still working out the venue and details, but we’re aiming to hold it on September 18th. Joomla is used in many Federal agencies as well as non-profits, which makes the Washington DC area the perfect place to hold a JoomlaDay. This will be a sponsored event, so email me at if you’re interested in spreading the word about your business!

At all of these events, I’m giving a talk about Your Joomla Development Workflow. If you’re writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or any kind of code beyond what extensions provide, this session is for you. There are many tools from the software development world that can help you debug, test, and maintain the code for your website. Unfortunately, I’ve found that many solo and freelance developers don’t know how to use them or have never even heard of them. The goal of my talk is to introduce you to these tools and show some practical applications of each. When you incorporate these tools into your daily workflow, you’ll wonder how you ever built websites without them!

See you in Wiesbaden, Marlboro, or Washington DC!