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Joomla! and Git

I finally published my tutorial on using Git with Joomla!. I really struggled with trying to balance an introduction to version control, Git, and Joomla specific considerations, but I think the result was worth the time. One thing I would have liked to have covered would have been some of the GUIs that are available for Git, but that seemed to be a bit much for an intro article. By not covering the GUIs, I was able to focus on the core commands that everyone can use regardless of platform.

In any event, my hope is that this introduction will be useful not only to PHP developers, but also to template designers and site administrators. Any time you start writing even a single line of code is the right time to consider using version control as a part of your Joomla! workflow. It’s one of those tools you never knew to ask about; now you don’t have to.

And if you want to see some Git and Joomla in action, don’t miss my talk at OpenCamp. It’s the same one I gave at JoomlaDay New England as well as J! and Beyond, so now Texans will be ‘git’ting too :)

FirePHP and Joomla

I have another How To Joomla article up: How to debug our Joomla code with FirePHP. Just recently, I discovered a plugin that painlessly adds FirePHP to your Joomla site. After installing it and doing some tests, I decided to write an article. In the midst of writing the article, I went to the FirePHP wiki and found another FirePHP plugin for Joomla released by the Kunena team. This one is even better, with tighter integration into the Joomla environment. I see many possibilities for model debugging and exception handling down the road.

Drupal and WordPress also have FirePHP plugins, as do most of the major stand-alone PHP frameworks. Have a look to see if your favorite is listed before trying to hack FirePHP into your next project.

Working with Content plugins in Joomla 1.5

Earlier this week, I made my debut on with an article on How to Fix Joomla Content Plugins. If you’ve used Joomla since the 1.0 days, you may recall that content plugins acted on both articles and Custom HTML modules. In 1.5, this behavior changed so that Content plugins only act on articles from the Article Manager. Fortunately, there are several options for regaining and controlling this functionality, which I outline in the post. Head over and let me know what you think!