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Attention Podcast Suite Lovers

Throughout the life of the Podcast Suite, many of you have asked if you could make donations for the work I’ve put into it. Every time, I’ve redirected your kindness by suggesting a donation towards the Joomla project instead. I do this as the effort I put into the Suite is small when compared to the enormous effort put into Joomla itself. Without Joomla, the Podcast Suite would not exist.

However, if you have used the Podcast Suite and would still like to donate money, there is a current opportunity for you to make a tax-deductible donation that would help me greatly. At the last week of October, I will be flying with 12 other people from my church to Iloilo City, Philippines; we will be spending two weeks there to run a summer camp for street children. Each of us need to raise $2,300 for our trip expenses. You can read more about it in this (PDF) letter and make a donation here.

Any funds raised in excess of my $2,300 goal will go towards the goals of my other team members. Although I would be honored to receive money towards this goal from Suite users, do not feel any obligation to contribute towards this trip. I’m always thrilled to hear about the Suite being used. I want all Joomla users to be able to publish their own podcasts without knowing programming or RSS. When you publish a podcast with the Suite, you help me achieve that goal!