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Using MooTools and jQuery Together in Joomla!

Framework conflicts are a common problem people run into when using jQuery. While jQuery provides some tricks you can use to get around this, you may still run into issues when Joomla! generates MooTools effects. While writing the second edition of Learning Joomla! Extension Development, I decided to do a chapter on JavaScript and look into this problem a little bit more closely. It turns out you have to make sure MooTools loads before jQuery, then use one of the tricks detailed on

Fortunately, this can be done in Joomla! consistenly, so I documented it. Packt decided to release the entire JavaScript chapter as the sample PDF for my book, so you can read everything you need to know about implementing this technique for free!

Calling all wordsmiths who love Podcast Suite!

Attention Podcast Suite lovers:

Dan Li and I have been polishing the 1.5 version of the Podcast Suite. The UI is more or less complete and you can take a peek at the SVN copy. Are you interested in writing a user’s guide or an FAQ? Contact me or leave a comment below! If you know how to use the current Podcast Suite, documenting this one will be a snap.

Come and write your documentation!

Joomla! Doc Camp is going well so far. I copied over my JUser tutorial (original with component download is available here) and created some JTable documentation from scratch. We still need people to document not only the code, but also the admin interface. Come on over and join in, we’re going through Monday!