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Basic HTML/CSS Invoices

Yesterday, one of my clients requested an invoice for my services. This is not an unreasonable request by any means, but it is oddly one that doesn’t happen very often. I initially fired up and started writing one, but had difficulty getting the layout I wanted. After OpenOffice crashed (I had an older version), I posted a message to Twitter. Suddenly I had friends suggesting FreshBooks, Zoho Invoice, Billable, and some homebrew solution. Many of these were good suggestions, but I was really just looking for a nice clean invoice template; I already have my own system for tracking hours and payments.

Unfortunately, I have a very bad case of NIH and decided to roll my own using HTML and CSS. Fortunately, it only actually took an hour and I’m quite pleased with the results. So pleased, that I’m now sharing the results for all of the Internet to plunder. Have a look. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license, so feel free to modify it and use it for invoicing your clients. If you redistribute this in HTML form, please maintain the copyright notice in the comments. If the final medium is a PDF export for printing or emailing to a client, you do not have to maintain the copyright notice.

I created a PDF of this using my Mac’s “Save as PDF” function under “Print…” on Firefox 3.5 and it worked perfectly. Safari wanted to print headers and footers with the source URL and didn’t pick up my backgrounds. I have not tested this in Internet Explorer.


Creative Commons License
Basic HTML/CSS Invoice by Joseph LeBlanc is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.